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About the Trenčin Memorial

Restored with Participation and Contributions
from Trenčin Survivors 1999 - 2002

Memorial Design and Construction by
 Ing. Milan Vesely, Bratislava

Assistance from
 The Museum of Jewish Culture
 Slovak National Museum
 Dr. Pavol Mestan, Bratislava

Planning and Organization by
 Ella Fabianova, Paul Strassmann, Jehuda Suss

Names of the Trenčin victims were authenticated through a review process by editors from Slovakia, Israel, USA, Canada and Germany.

These reviews took place over a period of over two years to establish the Memorial as a historical monument.

The list is incomplete because it omits at least 28 small children for whom records were not available.

Copies available at http://trencinholocaust.org

First Printing in April, 2003